Author: Kat

Nature, time, and patience are the best physicians

Sometimes life is syrup slipping over a stone, and other times it’s free climbing a vertical rock face without proper training nor a sense of up or down. Read More

Wandering Elegies

I ruminate upon a year bookended by funerals for two people that had a deep impact on my life and experiences. Read More

Embrace of the Serpent - Movie Poster

Embraceable You

The first thing that you notice is the stillness. There’s a kind of easy commingling between the vast Amazonian jungle and the film’s hero, Karamakate; their integration is so complete, it’s difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins. Read More

Casket + Flower Moves

My visit with Mr. Tale in Detroit served as a potent reminder of the resiliency and inherent artistry of the human spirit. Oh, and we ate some tight food, too. Read More

Where True Joy is To Be Found

We were both quite sour — for reasons so different they nearly bordered on the same — so we decided to meet for a few days in Las Vegas. I joked that it would be a fiery explosion of our respective surlitudes, and that we would rise like phoenii from the bright and tawdry flames. Read More

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