Author: Kat


There were two different programs offered at Brenneke School of Massage: A standard, 600-hour course that met the requirements of state licensing, and an extended 1300-hour course that delved more deeply into technique and science, as well as incorporating a weekly externship during the second half of the program. I selected the latter, primarily because Read More


What stories do you tell yourself about your childhood memories? In this piece for my creative non-fiction class, I explored differing perspectives. Read More

Purple Parachute Pants

Did you ever have a favorite item of clothing as a child? I sure did! I recently wrote about my glorious Purple Parachute Pants for my Creative Non-Fiction class. Read More


If there is anything that will make you feel just as small and inconsequential as you actually are, it’s geology. Read More

On Love, and Other Pandemics

What is Romeo and Juliet, to you? Is it something that you dismiss or is it something that touches you? Before taking a composition class focused on literary research, I honestly hadn’t given it two shakes. Now I’m glad I did. Read More

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