On Love, and Other Pandemics

In my recently concluded Composition 2 class, which focused on literary analysis and research, we had to read everyone’s favorite twee Leonardo DiCaprio Movie: Romeo + Juliet. (You Titanic bitches better sit your asses down, I am not amused.) Now, despite the fact that I searched for it basically my entire life — and I Read More

Nature, time, and patience are the best physicians

Sometimes life is syrup slipping over a stone, and other times it’s free climbing a vertical rock face without proper training nor a sense of up or down. Read More

Wandering Elegies

Sam had been one of the founding members of Speakeasy, so while I had heard his name often over the years, we didn’t actually meet in person until Blasé died. At the memorial service, we were introduced to each other by mutual friends, and the group of us decided to head to Sam’s condo in Read More

This is the suicide note. If you are reading it, I am already dead.

http://ajccenter.wfu.edu/2016/07/08/my-walden-melissa-harris-perry/ Read More

Embrace of the Serpent - Movie Poster

Embraceable You

The first thing that you notice is the stillness. There’s a kind of easy commingling between the vast Amazonian jungle and the film’s hero, Karamakate; their integration is so complete, it’s difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins. Read More

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